As I stood there in line in the narrow hallway waiting for my name to be called to make my second payment for tuition, I felt as if I was in Purgatory and wondering “What the #@$% am I doing here?”  The anxieties and fears of having no job and leaving behind everything I had ever known to embark on this new adventure rushed to me all at once.  And I could not tell whether I was headed for Heaven or Hell.  Others around me look much younger and have nothing to lose.  But what have I really got to lose?  Six months of my life and $40,000?  I laughed to myself and came into consciousness.  I reminded myself that I am here for a reason and a purpose.  As the day progressed with speeches and conversations with faculty, experienced chefs, and graduating students, my fears and anxieties dissipated.  By the end of the day, I was sure I was in the right place.  Whether Heaven or Hell, there was no classification necessary because I was where I wanted to be.

The talk of grades, homework, attendance, and exams put into prospective that I enrolled into a strict and intensive program for the next 6 months.  When I got home, I tried on my uniform and looked in the mirror.  I started chuckling because I looked like a kid trying on adult clothing.  But this was definitely no make believe.