This week was action-packed with exams, a new unit, and our first fire scare!

No one likes exams especially when you’re me and feel the anxiety because it’s inevitable that I cram the day before each exam I’ve ever taken in my life.  But luckily I survived my first written and practical exams.  Honestly, I imagined worse but it turned out to be not that bad.  I did feel like I was on an episode of Iron Chef or Top Chef.  For the practical, we were all graded on taste, texture and presentation.  It was quite exciting and nerve-racking at the same time.

I finally learned the name of the dough that smells and tastes potently eggy.  We began our Pate a Choux Unit this week.  And I’ve come to the realization that I’m not a fan even when it’s dredged in caramel or filled with the creamiest and lightest of pastry creams.  I do love my swans though.  Luckily I was the baker for my half of the class.  The bakers for the other half forgot to turn the oven temperature down and ended up with black swans.  They looked like overly roasted quails.

Speaking of burned, we had our first fire scare this week too.  All the students and faculty emptied out into the busy streets of Soho.  Pictures were being taken of us by passer-bys and tourists.  The firemen came in their trucks and the tourists just kept snapping away as we were melting in the summer heat in our ever-so-flattering-pilsbury-dough-boy uniforms.   Did I mention how much I love the checkered pants?